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The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. We provide a variety of resources available free at this website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis. We are funded primarily through consulting and project grants. Our research is among the most current available and has been widely applied. It can help you:

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Newest Resources

Rural Multimodal Planning. Why and How to Improve Travel Options in Small Towns and Rural Communities
Aurora Prom 2016 Ivory Homecoming Sweetheart Tulle Dresses Mini Bridal
Bronx Bx Ivory Bfloridax Women’s Mehrfarbig Taupe Toe Peep 1267 ww1frxv Multimodal planning creates communities where it is possible to get around by walking, bicycling and public transport. This provides various direct and indirect benefits. This report explores why and how to implement more multimodal planning in rural areas and small towns. Current trends are increasing demand for non-auto travel options in rural communities, including aging populations, rising poverty, growing health and safety concerns, and growing tourist industries. Various strategies can help rural communities improve and connect walking, cycling, public transport, including innovative facilities and services, and Smart Growth development policies. New resources described in this report can help rural communities and small towns develop integrated multimodal plans and programs.

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Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD, also known as distance-based and usage-based) vehicle insurance means that premiums are based directly on the amount a vehicle is driven during the policy term, so the more you drive the more you pay and the less you drive the more you save. This can significantly increase Calf Over Knee The Bestan Boot Foxy Wide Camuto Vince Women’s 7z6PPq This new website describes why and how to implement PAYD insurance in British Columbia.

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This report critiques the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (IHAS). It identifies several problems with IHAS methods and recommendations. The Survey only considers a limited set of housing types, geographic areas and impacts, which biases its results to exaggerate the affordability of detached, urban-fringe housing and underestimate urban infill benefits. It blames housing unaffordability on urban containment regulations, although they are actually uncommon and less costly than regulations that limit affordable infill. It ignores many sprawl costs and Smart Growth benefits, and misrepresents key research. This indicates that the IHAS is propaganda, intended to support a political agenda rather than provide objective guidance. It is important that users understand its omissions and biases.

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High quality public transit can provide many benefits, including direct benefits to users and indirect benefits to other members of society. As a result, many communities are investing significant resources to improve transit services and encourage TOD. A small but vocal group of critics attack these efforts. Critics argue that transit service improvements attract few riders, provide few benefits, are not cost effective, and are unfair to low-income residents and motorists. Many of these arguments are based on inaccurate, incomplete or biased information. This report systematically evaluates these claims and describes appropriate responses.

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Despite large investments in safer vehicles, roads and traffic safety programs, traffic accidents continue to impose huge costs to individuals and society. New approaches are needed. A new traffic safety paradigm is changing how planning professionals measure traffic risks and evaluate potential safety strategies. It expands the range of potential traffic safety strategies to include multi-modal planning, transportation demand management, and Smart Growth policies.

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Mini Dresses Prom 2016 Sweetheart Homecoming Aurora Bridal Ivory Tulle Tulle Ivory Homecoming Bridal Aurora Sweetheart 2016 Prom Dresses Mini
This study published in Transportation Research Procedia examines the economic, social and environmental impacts of various urban development factors including urban expansion, population and vehicle density, housing type, roadway design and management, and recreation facility availability. This analysis indicates that to be efficient and equitable, cities should provide diverse and affordable housing and transport options.

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Homecoming 2016 Ivory Prom Mini Dresses Tulle Sweetheart Bridal Aurora Comparing Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Legal Implementation Possibilities for Pay-to-Save Transportation Price-shifting Strategies and EPA’s Clean Power Plan
This paper by Allen Greenberg and John (Jay) Evans investigates the potential emission reductions and benefits of a set of innovative, revenue-neutral transportation pricing reforms including pay-as-you-drive-and-you-save vehicle insurance, parking cash out, and the conversion of fixed state and local vehicle sales taxes into mileage-based taxes. These strategies would reduce an estimated 140-257 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, which is significant compared with other emission reduction strategies. This report identifies practical ways to implement these strategies.

Our goal is to make this information widely available. You are welcome to quote and copy from VTPI documents, provided you credit the authors.

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Victoria Transport Policy Institute  |   1250 Rudlin Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3R7, Canada
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